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  1. What is a DC Analysis?
    A DC Analysis validates the transistor states and computes the set of possible network states. Capacitances are replaced by open loops and inductances by short circuits.
  2. What is a Small-Signal Analysis?
    A Small-Signal Analysis computes possible network states for very small signals. Only the signal variations are calculated. Therefore a [+] denotes increasing not positive.
  3. Is a Small-Signal Analysis without any stimulus useful?
    Yes! Omitting all input signals we would expect that the set of possible network states contains only the trivial solution zero. However not all circuits show this behavior indicating an instable operating point. The example circuit is instable for Q1 = FON, Q2 = FON, and C1 = RS with three possible solutions.
  4. Which programming language did you use for the QA Server?
    The server was written in C++. The netlist parser was generated with PCCTS.
  5. Which Java development tools did you use?
    [JWS] Visual JavaTM - the java GUI builder of the Java WorkShopsTM - aided the development of this applet.

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